Our Accessories

Longer Slider Tubes – Part Numbers ST1820 & ST1835

The ST1820 slider tube model allows you to hang the WallWalker® Brackets over walls up to 20 inches thick and the ST1835 model up to 35 inches thick. We also make custom Slider Tubes for walls thicker than 35″. All Slider Tubes are sold in pairs.

Mid-Wall Brackets – Part Number MWB6

The Mid-Wall Bracket allows you to hang the WallWalker® Brackets through a sheeted or non-sheeted wall on any 2×4 or 2×6 stud. Simply cut two slits on either side of the stud on a sheeted wall with a saws all. Mid-Wall Brackets are sold in pairs.

Stabilizer Bars – Part Number SB042

Stabilizer Bars can be inserted into the base of the WallWalker® for support across windows and non-sheeted walls as needed. Stabilizer Bars are sold in pairs.

Endgate – Part Number EG03A

An Endgate may be attached to the Guardrail Post at the end of a platform to provide additional fall protection. Endgates are sold singly.

Gable Guardrail Post and Gable Bracket – Part Number GGPB16

The Gable Bracket attaches to the soffit overhang board (also known as a ladder board or outrigger) with ten (10) #10 grabber screws that are at least 2-1/2″ long. The Gable Guardrail Post attaches to the Gable Bracket using 2 Detent Ring Pins (included). This Guardrail System provides fall protection on the gable side of the roof while performing roof sheeting and other roofing work. Gable Guardrail Posts are sold singly.