Long gone are the days of fall exposures due to walking the top plate and trying to set up awkward scaffolding!

WallWalker® eliminates the need for makeshift scaffold and provides a quick and safe platform. Now with WallWalker®’s patented hanging system, you will save the time and build smarter.

With quick setup and easy adjustments, you can use the WallWalker® for setting trusses, cutting tails, installing roof sheeting and fascia board. It is also used to do work on window and hurricane shutters, concrete walls, ships, piers, water treatment plants, and bridges etc.

With WallWalker®’s latest mid-wall bracket assembly you can install the WallWalker® system below the top plate to do everything listed above and install your blocking.

We realize wall brackets and top plate bracket scaffolds have been around for years. WallWalker® is the first hanging scaffold of its kind with light-weight aluminium construction.

What’s the difference between us and other systems?



Aluminium Steel or makeshift
Lightweight Heavy/Awkward
Flexible and collapsible Rigid
Rustproof Rusts
Safe Less safe
One-man set up One or two
Easy to store Bulky
Engineered by PE Unverified
6 inch adjustments Limited or no adjustments
Quality ISO-compliant welds Unknown
Exceed OSHA standards Unknown