Insurance & OSHA Penalty Savings

The WallWalker® saves you money on insurance

Call your insurance agent before or after you purchase WallWalkers®. Ask them how much you can save on your workers’ compensation insurance premiums if using the WallWalkers® as part of your overall fall protection plan. Your discount may vary based off of your insurance carrier discount programs, and the State. Remember, you need to ask. They won’t just give it to you.

Got an OSHA citation? Reduce your fines!

Got a citation from OSHA?
Purchase WallWalker® Hanging Scaffolds and you could get your OSHA fines reduced! A serious OSHA citation can cost you up to $7,000 for each violation. If your employees are exposed to fall hazards during framing and other construction activities when OSHA comes by, then this will result in a citation.

Follow these simple steps to help get your fine reduced:

1. Within 15-working days from the date you received the citation, request an informal conference with the OSHA area director to discuss your citation. OSHA actually encourages employers to request an informal conference.

2. Immediately purchase WallWalker® Hanging Scaffolds and get them shipped to your worksite.

3. Follow setup, use, and training instructions and start using the product. Take photographs of the product in use with your employees.

4. Go to the informal conference with photos and the receipts showing the cost of the purchase.

5. Request a reduction of your fines based on the following reasons:

a. Good-faith effor reduction. When a company can show that i has made a good-faith effort at safety compliance, fines may be reduced. A reduction of up to 25 percent for good faith may be applied.

b. Quick-fix reduction. Employees can also qualify for OSHA’s “quick-fix” 15 percent reduction if hazards uncoverd during inspections and fixed within 24 hours. The corrective actions must be permanent and substantial, not temporary or cosmetic.

c. Purchase of Safety Equipment reduction. Some State OSHA programs may reduce your fines up to 50% after showing them receipts and proof of safety product purchased and in use.