Q: How much weight can a pair of WallWalkers® hold?
A: Each WallWalker bracket is rated for 250 pounds. 1 pair of WallWalkers is rated for 500 pounds.

Q: Do I hang the WallWalkers® on the inside or on the outside of the wall?
A:They can be hung on both the inside and the outside of the wall.

Q: Are fall protection attachments available?
A: Yes, guardrail posts that support top rail, mid-rail, and toe boards are included.

Q: Are there height restrictions?
A: There are no height restrictions as long as guardrails are being used according to local and federal requirements.

Q: How do I remove the WallWalkers® from the wall when the blocking has been installed around the WallWalkers®?
A: The WallWalkers® has been uniquely designed so that the hook can be easily detached to the inside of the wall.

Q: How far does the horizontal arm extend away from the wall?
A: The horizontal arm extends 44 inches from the wall.

Q: How far apart can I space each WallWalker® bracket?
A: Not more than 20 feet. However, if the platform is greater than 10 feet off the ground then the distance between brackets should not exceed 8 feet to ensure that the guardrail post used for fall protection does not exceed a separation distance of 8 feet.

Q: Can the plank height be adjusted?
A: Yes, it can be adjusted every 6 inches with or without removing the plank.

Q: How wide does my plank need to be?
A: At least 12 inches wide in most states but california CSA Section 1645(e)(5) requires minimum 20″ wide plank.

Q: What keeps the WallWalker® system from rocking or moving?
A: Use the nail holes at the base of the vertical beam to keep it stable while putting the planks on. Use the plank brackets to secure the planks and the system. Stabilizer bars are not required but are an accessory that may be purchased for additional stability.

Q: Can I hang the WallWalkers® from a window?
A: Yes, you can hang them from any structure that can support the weight of the WallWalker® system and workers.

Q: What if I don’t want to hang them over the top plate because they will be in the way of my blocking, soffit, or other work?
A: Purchase the mid-wall bracket accessory which allows you to hang the WallWalkers® below the top plate.