Whats Included

Choose from one of our two WallWalker® Hanging Scaffold Bracket Models. The only difference between the models is the length of the vertical beam. Our main model (WW03644) has a 6-foot vertical beam. Our other model (WW03844) has an 8-foot vertical beam for customers that would like to hang their scaffold planks lower down the wall. Both models have a 44-inch long horizontal platform arm with plank brackets to secure the plank to the arm. Also included are the adjustable slider tube and slider bracket for easy adjustment for different wall thicknesses. Our WallWalker® Brackets are packaged and sold in pairs. Each pair of WallWalker® Brackets are rated for 500 pounds.

Guardrail Posts & Brackets

Guardrail Posts and Brackets are included with each pair of WallWalkers®. The guardrail brackets attach to the guardrail post. Once installed on the guardrail post they can accommodate a 2×4 top rail and mid rail. Simply slide a 2×4 through the bracket to complete the guardrail system. According to the OSHA scaffold standard, a guardrail system is only required if the fall hazard is greater than 10 feet to the ground or floor (see the OSHA section on our website for additional details). The posts attach easily to the outer plank brackets on the horizontal arm with two ½” detent ring pins.